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Student Chapters
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AIPG Student Chapters

AIPG as of January 2020 has 54 Student Chapters. More to come....

The AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award replaced the AIPG Student Chapter Annual Report since it covers the same information. It is a requirement for all chapters to provide this information to the AIPG National Headquarters with the online submittal form or send to by May 1st.
Annual Reports received by March 30th are eligible for the AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award. The submittal for Student Chapter of the Year Award will consist of the online submittal form or a written report (send to Photos documenting chapter activities are strongly encouraged (send to The submittal should cover the period from the beginning of the Fall Semester to the end of the Spring Semester and include the following as a minimum.

Berry College

Mount Berry, Georgia
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Ronald J. Wallace, CPG

2016-2017 Officers 
President: Mallory Paulk, SA-7965 -
Vice President: Justyn Patterson, SA-8210 -
Secretary:  Shadae Williams, SA-8184 -
Treasurer: Emily Larrimore, SA-8189 -

College website link:


Bowling Green University

Bowling Green, Ohio
Founded in 2004
Chapter Sponsor: Robert K. Vincent, MEM

University website link:


Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Founded 2003
Chapter Sponsor: David J. Matty
Faculty Sponsor: Sven Morgan

2017-2018 Officers
President: Josh Cichy, SA-7556
Vice-President: Megan Miller, SA-7794
Treasurer: Lindsey Stone, SA-8462
Secretary: Jayson Olivera, SA-7532

2018-2019 Officers
President: Chelsea Thibodeau, SA-8495
Vice-President: Lindsey Stone, SA-8462
Treasurer: Jayson Olivera, SA-7532
Secretary: Chelsea DeBoutte, SA-7532

Annual Report 2017-2018

Website link:


City University of New York at Brooklyn College

Brooklyn, New York
Founded 2018
Chapter Sponsor: Jenniver Becker, MEM-2805
Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Grab

2018-2020 Officers 
President: Anastasia Rashkov, SA-6586
Vice President: Shannon Brophy, SA-9645
Secretary:  Jone Naujokaityte, SA-5630 
Treasurer: Stephanie Rodriguez, SA-6618

College website link:


Colorado School of Mines

Golden, Colorado
Founded 1999
Chapter Sponsor: Graham Closs, CPG

University website link:


Columbus State University

Columbus, Georgia
Founded 2011
Chapter Sponsor: Ron Wallace, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Diana Ortega-Ariza

Student Chapter Officers: 
Austin Caughey (President 2017-2019)
Chance Seckinger (VP 2017-18)
Brittany Plyler (VP 2018-2019)
Coral Torres (Treasurer 2017-2019)
Briana Jenkins-Deneke (Secretary 2017-19)
Hays Slaughter (SGE Representative 2018-19)

Columbus State University - department of earth and space sciences:

2018 AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award Recipient
2018 Report: Columbus State University


Eastern Illinois University

Charleston, Illinois
Founded 2013
Chapter Sponsor: Craig McCammack, MEM
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Diane Marie Burns

2016-2017 Officers
President: Neil Rhoades, SA-7572
Vice President: Steven (Shay) Oldham, SA-7571
Secretary: Abbey Warner, SA-7557
Treasurer: Jasmine Winters, SA-5721

2013-14 Annual Report

Eastern Illinois University - Department of Geology and Geography


Eastern Kentucky University

Richmond, Kentucky
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Bill Brab, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Trent Garrison

2016 Officers
President: Autumn Skye Murray, SA-7026
Vice President: Robert Andrew Akin, SA-7522
Secretary: Larissa Watkins, SA-7039
Treasurer: Michelle Sabo, SA-7531

Eastern Kentucky University -


Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, Michigan
Founded 2006
Chapter Sponsor: Walter Bolt
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christine Clark

2017-2018 Officers
President: Emily Nowacki, SA-8563
Vice-President: Amber Rose-Cassidy, SA-7872
Treasurer: Rachel Merz, SA-9283
Secretary: Max Fraleigh, SA-8690

2018-2019 Officers
President: Rachel Merzi, SA-9283
Vice-President: Emily Nowacki, SA-8563
Treasurer: Catherine (Jean) Butchart, SA-9378
Secretary: Leah VanLandingham, SA-9345

University website link:

2017-2018 Annual Report


Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, Florida
Founded 2014
Chapter Sponsor: Anne Murray, CPG-11645
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Tara Root

2014-2015 Officers
President: Troy P. Bernier, SA-3872
Vice President/Treasurer: Greg Cook, SA-5252
Secretary: vacant
Past President: Joanna Gaset, SA-5232

Florida Atlantic University - Department of Geosciences


Florida State University

Tallahassee, Florida
Founded 2013
Chapter Sponsor: Anne Murray, CPG-11645
Faculty Sponsor: David Farris

2015-2016 Officers
President: Stephanie McColaugh, SA-5393
Vice President: Kyle Turner
Secretary: Hilary Davis, SA-5166
Treasurer: Charles Boyd

Florida State University - Department of Geological Sciences

2015-2016 Report


Georgia Southwestern State University

Americus, Georgia
Founded 2013
Chapter Sponsor: Ron Wallace, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Tom Weiland, MEM

2016-2017 Officers 
President: Shayna Turner, SA-6676 -
Vice President: Brandon Hughes, SA-6944 -
Secretary:  Trevor Dempsey - 
Treasurer: Andrew May -

2016 annual report

Department of Geology & Physics - Georgia Southwestern State University


Georgia State University

Atlanta, Georgia
Founded 2005
Chapter Sponsor: Ronald J. Wallace, CPG

2016-2017 Officers 
President: Karim Eli Minkara, SA-5807 -
Vice President: Tim Herold -
Secretary:  John Williams, SA-7792 -
Treasurer: Robert Jackson, SA-7510 -

Student Chapter website link:

University website link:


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded 2018
Chapter Sponsor: Shane Schmidt, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kathy Licht

2018-2019 Officers 
President: Chris Mallery, SA-9280
Vice President: Justin Burnett, SA-9315
Secretary:  Cara Franson, SA-9317
Treasurer: Justin Burnett, SA-9315
Candidate: Tori Kennedy, SA-9316

College website link:


James Madison University

Harrisonburg, Virginia
Founded in 1998
Chapter Sponsor: W. Cullen Sherwood, CPG

University website link:


Metropolitan State University of Denver

Denver, Colorado
Founded 2013
Chapter Sponsor: Jessica Davey, YP-0413
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Uwe Kackstaetter, MEM

Metropolitan State University of Denver - Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

2016 Annual Report


Michigan Technological University (MTU)

Houghton, Michigan
Founded 2017
Chapter Sponsor: David J. Adler, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Chad Deering

2017-2018 Student Chapter Officers
President - Andrew Dubay, SA-8661
Vice President - Michael Schienke, SA-8835
Secretary - Katie Kring, SA-8652
Treasurer - Jessalyn Taylor, SA-8851

2018-2019 Student Chapter Officers
President - Evelyn Jobe, SA-9169
Vice President - Quelyn Bekkering, SA-8928
Secretary - Allan Kambindama, SA-8852
Treasurer - Sienna Meekhoff, SA-9328

Annual Report 2017-2018

website link:


Middle Tennessee State University

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Founded 2014
Chapter Sponsor: Todd McFarland, CPG-11348
Faculty Sponsor:

2016 Officers
President: Bishop Wagener, SA-5641
Vice President: Tyler Smith, SA-5357
Secretary/Treasurer: Zachary Blair, SA-5652

Middle Tennessee State University - Department of Geosciences


Murray State University

Murray, Kentucky
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Bill Brab, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Hluk Cetin

2016 Officers
President: Amanda Shoemake, SA-7086
Vice President: Kristin Lorenzini, SA-7088
Secretary: Spencer Moran, SA-7627
Treasuer: Katie Calvert, SA-7628

Murray State University -


New Mexico Tech - Robert Lessard Memorial

Socorro, New Mexico
Founded 2017
Chapter Sponsor: John Sorrell, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Virginia McLemore, CPG

2018-2020 Officers 
President: Nicholas (Nico) Harrison, SA-8633
Vice President: Keith Diegel, SA-9007
Secretary:  Conner Whitman, SA-9008
Treasurer: Eddie Humetewa, SA-9009
Publicity: Marcus Silva, SA-8961

Annual Report 2017-2018

College website link:


Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, Arizona
Founded 2017
Faculty Sponsor: Abraham Springer
Chapter Sponsor: Richard Brose, AIPG CPG

2017 Officers 
President: Linda Sue Lassiter, AIPG SA-5043, 
Vice President: Emily Anderson, AIPG SA-6967, 
Secretary:  Laney Stevens, AIPG SA-8207, 
Treasurer: Daniel Van Gundy, AIPG SA-8214,

College website link:


Northern Illinois University

Dekalb, Illinois
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Harvey Pokorny, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Paul Goddard

2016 Officers
President: Elaine Lord, SA-6266
Vice President: Jessica McKay, SA-7093
Secretary: Michael Goers, SA-6983
Treasurer: Joseph Abrams, SA-6996

Northern Illinois University -


Northern Kentucky University

Highland Heights, Kentucky
Founded 2015
Chapter Sponsor: Bill Brab, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Brackman

2016-2017 Officers
President: Alex Shelters, SA-7523
Vice President: Ben Roenker, SA-7449
Secretary: Allie Caudill, SA-7894
Treasurer: Chloe Bugni, SA-6572

Northern Kentucky University - College of Arts and Sciences


Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio
Founded in 2004
Chapter Sponsor: Robin Roth, CPG-06240
Faculty Sponsor: Karen L. Royce

2017-2018 Officers
President: Rebecca (Becky) Anderson, SA-8161
Vice President: Lucas Jasnowski-Pascual, SA-5151
Treasurer: Prescott Vayda, SA-8637
Secretary: Cole Bradley, SA-8180

2018-2019 Officers
President: Ljubomir Risteski, SA-9326
Vice President: Kira Harris, SA-9327
Treasurer: Prescott Vayda, SA-8637
Secretary: Nick Reineck, SA-9386

Annual Report 2017-2018

University website link:


Sonoma State University

Rohnert Park, California
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: James A. Jacobs, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Philip Mooney

2016-2017 Student Officers
President: Maureen Redmond, SA-6239
Vice President: Kaitlyn Fleming, SA-8025
Secretary: Justin Casaus, SA-8013
Treasurer: Daniel Martin, SA-8016
Fundraiser: Alexandra Fowler, SA-8029

Sonoma State University, Department of Geology -


SUNY Geneseo

Geneseo, New York
Founded 2015
Chapter Sponsor: Dennis McGrath, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Nicholas Warner

2016-2017 Officers
President: Mary Legawiec, SA-7966
Vice President: Davitia James, SA-7200
Secretary: Julianne Sweeney, SA-6888
Treasurer: Alison Cook, SA-7645

SUNY Geneseo - Department of Geological Sciences


New Paltz
State University of New York

New Paltz, New York
Founded 2017
Chapter Sponsor: Christopher Brown, CPG-10599 and Gordon Magenheim, CPG-08660
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Shafiul Chowdhury, CPG-10065

2017 - May 2018 Officers
President: Christina Lizzo, SA-8198
Vice-President: Megan King, SA-8472
Treasurer: Adriana Yates, SA-8554
Secretary: Kyle Dayton, SA-8368

Website link:


Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University (SRTMU)

Nanded, Maharashtra, India
Founded 2017
Chapter Sponsor: James A. Jacobs, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Prof. S.K.G. Krishnamacharyulu and Prof. K. Vijaya Kumar

2017-18 Student Chapter Officers
President - More Laxman Bhauso, SA-7279
Vice President - Aditya Bang, SA-8847
Secretary - Acharya Shivam Rajesh, SA-7239
Treasurer - Khan Tahama, SA-8799

Annual Report 2017-2018


SRTMU is AIPG's first International Student Chapter (provisional).
The AIPG National Executive Committee will evaluate the program after three years to determine if it will continue.

Temple University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Founded 2006
Chapter Sponsor: Dennis Pennington, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Laura Toran

University website link:


University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Founded 2018
Chapter Sponsor: Caryl Orr, CPG-9632
Faculty Sponsor: Fred Andrus

2018-2019 Officers 
President: Chris Barnes, SA-9640
Vice President: Joel Sobrado, SA-9647
Secretary:  Sam Berges, SA-9660

Treasurer: John (Jack) Mulcahy, SA-9646

College website link:


University of Alaska Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Keri Nutter, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Kristine Crossen

2015-2016 Officers
President: Frederick Transburg, SA-5294
Vice President: David Meagher, SA-6485
Secretary: Amber Roads, SA-7483
Treasurer: Tina Westfall, SA-7007

Unversity of Alaska Anchorage -


University of California - Davis

Davis, California
Founded 2010
Chapter Sponsor: James Jacobs
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Zierenberg

UC Davis 2010 Annual Report

University of California - Davis (Geology Department) -

University of California, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California
Faculty Sponsor: Adina Paytan
Chapter Sponsor: James Jacobs, CPG

Student Chapter Officers

President - Ramon Hess, SA-10500
Vice President - Joseph Cherayil, SA-10672
Secretary - Natalie Smith, SA-10496
Treasurer - Isis Lemus, SA-10673


University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia
Founded 2011
Chapter Sponsor: Ron Wallace, CPG

2016-2017 Officers
President: Tony Moraes, SA-7011 - or 
Treasurer:  Laura Dupont -

University of Georgia - agricultural and environmental sciences:

University of Houston

Houston, Texas
Faculty Sponsor: Regina Capuano
Chapter Sponsor: Matthew R. Cowan, CPG

Student Chapter Officers

President - Jabeen Monin, SA-10301
Vice President - Tabitha Lee, SA-10309
Secretary - Maureen Gerwin, SA-10307
Treasurer - Nicolas Ortiz, SA-10477


University of Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky
Founded 2015
Chapter Sponsor: Bill Brab, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Rebecca Freeman

2017-2018 Officers
President: Holly Young
VP: Erik Gudmunson
Secretary: Morgan Whitaker
Treasurer: Cailey Bechtol
Graduate Program Liaison: Edward Lo

University of Kentucky - Department of Earth and Environmnental Sciences

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Founded 2018
Chapter Sponsor: Nathan Gruman, CPG-11688
Faculty Sponsor: Joshua Feinberg, PhD

2018-2019 Officers 
President: Sally Nguyen, SA-8453
Vice President: Blaze Ettlinger, SA-9662
Secretary/Social Media Coordinator: Morgan Johnstone, SA-9312
Treasurer: Trey Brink, SA-9559
Event/Fundraising Coordinator: Janelle Ruth, SA-9312
Undergraduate Student Representative: Noah Slade, SA-9641

2017-2018 Officers 

President: Willa Samuelson, SA-9314
Vice President: Marissa Mahoney, SA-8720
Secretary:  Sally Nguyen, SA-8453
Treasurer: Trey Brink, SA-9559

College website link:


University of Nevada - Reno

Reno, Nevada
Founded 2008
Chapter Sponsor: Kelvin Buchanan
Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan G. Price

University of Nevada - Reno (Geology Department) -


University of North Georgia

Oakwood, Georgia
Founded 2015
Chapter Sponsor: Ron Wallace, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Katti Mobasher

2016-2017 Officers
President: Logan Moore, SA-6975 -
Vice President: Donata Borsos, SA-7553 - aipg
Secretary/Treasurer: Kayla Ballenger, SA-6999 -

University of North Georgia -


University of Northern Colorado

Greeley, Colorado
Founded 2014
Chapter Sponsor: William Hoyt, CPG-7015
Faculty Sponsor: Bryon Straw

2017 Officers
President: Travis Neve, SA-7060
Vice President: Adam Chumley, SA-5819
Secretary: Ian Hoffman, SA-6390
Treasurer: Linda Glickstein, SA-4350

University of Northern Colorado - Earth and Atmospheric Sciences:


University of South Dakota

Vermillion, South Dakota
Founded 2013
Chapter Sponsor: Derric L. Iles, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Mark Sweeney

University of South Dakota - Earth Sciences


University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Anne Murray, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Rene Alvarez

2016-2017 Officers
President: Alexandra Weber, SA-7272 (
Vice President: Laura Tucker, SA-7616  (
Treasurer: Bertram Nicke, SA-7905 (
Secretary: Gabriel Ahrendt (

University of South Florida -


University of St. Thomas

St. Paul, Minnesota
Founded 2015
Chapter Sponsor: Sara Nelson, MEM-2505
Faculty Sponsor: Jeni McDermott

2015-2016 Officers
President: Malia Foster, SA-6357
Vice President: Lauren Mitchell, SA-6435
Secretary: Chelsea Brundrett, SA-6473
Treasurer: Bryce Werner, SA-6419

University of St. Thomas - College of Arts and Sciences Geology


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Founded 2014
Chapter Sponsor: John R. Sewell, MEM-2487
Faculty Sponsor: Amy Brock-Hon

2014-2015 Officers
President: Zach Dearmin, SA-5711
Vice President: Kyle Nicol, SA-5704
Secretary: Macy Howell, SA-5769
Treasurer: Vince Phothisene, SA-5727

University of Tenneessee Chattanooga Geology Program:


University of Tennessee at Martin

Martin, Tennessee
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Todd McFarland, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Stan P. Dunagan

2016-2017 Officers
President: Hunter Herring, SA-7606
Vice President: Collin Sutton, SA-7605
Secretary: Jefferey Woodall, SA-7694
Treasurer: Matthew Adams, SA-5332

University of Tennessee at Martin -


University of Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Founded 2018
Chapter Sponsor: Robert (Bob) Gaddis, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Winton Cornell

2018-2019 Officers 
President: Lauren Haygood, SA-9086
Vice President: Abdulaziz Al-Mayouf, SA-9508
Secretary:  Salim Al-Sabaai, SA-9534
Treasurer (Fall 2018): Rachel Smith, SA-9408
Treasurer (Spring 2019): Grant Morey, SA-9506

College website link:


University of West Georgia

Carrollton, Georgia
Founded 2010
Chapter Sponsor: Eric Lowe, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Randa Harris

2016-2017 Officers 
President: Scott Nilsson - 
Vice President: Matt Dietel, SA-7826 -
Secretary:  Jennifer Elkins - 
Treasurer: John Gammans, SA-7528 - or

University of West Georgia - department of geosciences:


University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Whitewater, Wisconsin
Founded 2015
Chapter Sponsor: Christine F. Lilek, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Rex Hanger

2017-2018 Officers
Greg Guenther, SA-6413
Tessa Snell, SA-6401
Melanie Sorman, SA-6398

Annual Report 2017-2018


Wayne State University

Detroit, Michigan
Founded 2012
Chapter Sponsor: John H. Barkach, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey L. Howard

2015 Officers
President: Richard McGregor, SA-5112
Vice President: Jefferson Renusch, SA-6471
Treasurer: Emily Cornea, SA-6611
Secretary: Jack Press, SA-6392
Event Coordinator: Sabrina Good, SA-6469

2014 Annual Report

Wayne State University - Earth and Environmental Sciences:


Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, Kentucky
Founded 2016
Chapter Sponsor: Bill Brab, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michel May

2016 Student Chapter Officers
President: Andrew Jones - SA-7530
Cody Mason: SA-7811
Devin Hainje: SA-7865
Stevon Lewis: SA-7810

Western Kentucky University -


Western Michigan University

Kalamazoo, Michigan
Founded 2015
Chapter Sponsor: John H. Barkach, CPG-09121
Faculty Sponsor: Thomas Howe

2017-2018 Officers
President: Erin Huggett, SA-7439
Vice President: Shelby Hurst, SA-7440
Secretary: Mollie McCormick, SA-7434
Treasurer: Stephanie Buglione, SA-8587

Annual Report 2017-2018

Western Michigan University - Department of Geosciences:


Wright State University

Dayton, Ohio
Founded in 1996
Chapter Sponsor: Thomas Berg, CPG

AIPG Wright State University Student Chapter webpage

AIPG Wright State University Student Chapter
2005-2006 Annual Report

(Power Point Presentation)

1996 Recipient of the

Margaret Kloska, SA-0044
For her leadership as a student in establishing the first AIPG Student Chapter at Wright State University. We have often urged faculty to begin Student Chapters, but it was not until a Student recognized the importance of professional affairs in her future career, was the first Student Chapter established.

University website link:

Youngstown State University

Youngstown, Ohio
Founded 2017
Chapter Sponsor: Tom Jenkins, CPG
Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Dick, MEM

2017-2018 Officers 
President: Brigitte Petras, SA-8989
Vice President: Joshual Adams, SA-9006
Secretary:  Olivia Costantino, SA-6951
Treasurer: Chris McFarland, SA-6970

2018-2019 Officers 

President: Brigitte Petras, SA-8989
Vice President: Bruno Abersold, SA-8980
Secretary:  Hayley Spalla, SA-9409
Treasurer: Chris McFarland, SA-6970

Annual Report 2017-2018

College website link: