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State Licensure
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Licensure / Certification Boards for Geologists

The following states require continuing education: Alabama, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas.


Alabama (Practice) - (334) 269-9990
AL Board of Licensure for Prof. Geologists

Continuing Education Requirement: 30 HRS PDH per biennium

Alaska (Title) - (907) 465-2534
AK Division of Occupational Licensing

Geologist certification in Alaska is based solely upon the registration requirements of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. Certifications have no expiration date and require no renewal fees.

Arizona (Practice) - 602-364-4930
AZ Board of Technical Registration

Arkansas (Practice) - (501) 296-1877
AR State Board of Reg. for Prof. Geologists

California (Practice/Specialties) - (916) 263-2113
CA Board for Geologists and Geophysicists

Continuing Education Requirements: None - under consideration to add requirement

Delaware (Practice) - (302) 739-4522
DE State Board of Registration of Geologists

Continuing Education Requirements: 12-24 hours biannually

Florida (Practice) - (850) 487-7990
FL Board of Professional Geologists

Georgia (Practice) - (478) 207-1400
GA State Board of Reg. for Prof. Geologists

Idaho (Practice) - (208) 334-2268
ID Board of Registration for Prof. Geologists

Illinois (Practice) - (217) 785-0800
IL Dept. of Professional Regulation

Indiana (Title) - (812) 855-5067
IN Geological Survey Dept of Natural Res.

Kansas (Practice) - (785) 296-3053
KS State Board of Technical Professions

Continuing Education Requirements: 30 hrs / 2 year renewal

Kentucky (Practice) - (502) 564-3296 ext. 227
KY Board of Registration for Prof. Geologists

Louisiana (Practice) - (225) 505-3766
Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists
Fifteen (15) hours of continuing education are required for the annual renewal
of a P.G. license, with one of those hours in the area of Professional Ethics.

Maine (Practice) - (207) 624-8603
State Brd of Cert. for Geologists & Soil Sci.

Minnesota (Practice) - (651) 296-2388
Board of AELSAG & ID

Continuing Education Requirements: 24 hrs biannually

Minnesota Board - statute changes effective of August 1, 2014

The Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design statute has changes that are effective August 1, 2014.

One of the changes concerns professional development hours and the Board has received many questions regarding the new ethics requirement. In order to renew in 2016, licensees and certificate holders must report a minimum of two professional development hours of professional ethics. The total number of professional development hours required (24) has not changed. The ethics hours must have been earned during the biennium to which they are applied and shall not be used toward carryover. This means that two professional ethics hours are required for the 2016 renewal.

For details on the statute changes go to:

Mississippi (Practice) - (601) 354--6370
MS State Board of Registered Prof. Geologists

Missouri (Practice) - (573) 526-7625
MO Board of Geologist Registration

Nebraska (Practice) - (402) 471-8383
Nebraska Board of Geologists

New Hampshire (Practice) - (603) 271-2219
NH Joint Board of Licensure and Certification

Continuing Education Requirements: 24 hrs biannually

New Jersey (Practice) - (609) 292-8761
(only groundwater consultant- UST work)
Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks

An Update from the NYS Council Professional Geologists, Transition Committee Chair and Past-President
John M. Nadeau, CPG-11181

The law that establishes the profession of geology in New York State was signed by Governor Cuomo in November 2014. This law is identified as Chapter 475 of 2014.  As a requirement to signing that legislation, the Governor noted that three specific Chapter Amendments were needed to 1) correct a typographical error, 2) allow flexibility in administrating future exams, and 3) to appoint geologists to the joint Professional Board for Engineering, Land Surveying, and Geology, in order to facilitate the regulation-writing phase in a timely manner.  Those Chapter Amendments that were requested by the Governor passed both legislative houses in early March, and then were forwarded to Governor Cuomo’s office where he signed the amendments on March 16, 2015. The amendment legislation was codified into law as Chapter 9 of the Laws of 2015.

To appoint representative geologists on the Licensing Board, the State Education Department, Office of the Professions reviewed the applications of several geologists during January and February.  Three people were referred to the NYS Board of Regents and were approved at their March 2015 meeting. The approval by the Regents and the Governor’s signature on the Chapter Amendments were the final hurdles to geologists being added to the Licensing Board.  We are pleased to announce that David A. Franzi, Ph.D., William J. Kelly, Ph.D., and Jean Neubeck, CPG-11438, were confirmed by the Regents on March 17, 2015.  Now that three geologist representatives have been added to the joint Board, a committee will be formed to prepare the regulations for the State Education Department.

The NYS State Education Department portal to download applications, review the (pending) regulations, once those are established, and other information for the Profession of Geology can be accessed at As always, you are welcome to contact John at with questions regarding the process of the Law’s establishment and implementation.

North Carolina (Practice) - (919) 850-9669
NC Board for Licensing of Geologists
E-mail:  (This requirement was new as of 2017 and calls for 12 PDH hours per year from approved sources.)

Oregon (Practice/Specialties) - (503) 566-2837
OR State Board of Geologist Examiners

Pennsylvania (Practice) - (717) 783-7049
PA State Board of Professional Engineers,
Land Surveyors & Geologists

South Carolina (Practice) - (803) 896-4497
SC State Board of Registration for Geologists

Continuing Education Requirements: 32 hrs biennium

Tennessee (Title) - (615) 741-3611
TN Dept. of Commerce & Ins. Div. of Reg. Board

Texas - (Practice) (210) 375-9000
TX Board of Professional Geoscientists

Utah - (Practice) (801) 466-6769
UT Council of Professional Geologists

Virginia (Title) - (804) 367-2406
VA Board of Geology Dept. of Professional and Occupational Regulation

Washington (Practice) - (360) 664-1497
WA State of Washington Department of Licensing Geologist Licensing Program

Wisconsin (Practice) - (608) 266-5511
WI Dept. of Regulation & Licensing

Wyoming Board of Professional Geologists - (307) 742-1118
Web site:

States with Statutory Definition
Colorado - (303) 866-2611
Vince Matthews, State Geologist

Oklahoma - (405) 325-3031
Dr. Charles Mankin, State Geologist

States with Partial Regulation
Connecticut - (860) 424-3700
CT Licensed Environmental Prof. Program

Iowa (UST groundwater work) - (515) 281-8135
IA Underground Storage Tank Section

Massachusetts - (617) 556-1091
Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site
Cleanup Professionals

Michigan - (517) 334-6907
MI Dept. of Environmental Quality,1607,7-135-3311---,00.html

Missouri - (573) 751-3443
Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Nevada - (702) 687-3016
NV Dept. of Conserv. and Natural Resources

South Dakota - (605) 394-2510
SD Board of Technical Professionals

Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG)
Phone: (803) 739-5676

Title Acts - the state is the entity that qualifies the practitioners, usually through a board. It grants a title, e.g., "Certified," and restricts its use. Only the title is restricted, not the practice.

Practice Acts - states have statutes similar to title acts, but which restrict practice to those qualified by the state.