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Past Student Chapter Award Recipients
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Past Student Chapter Award Recipients

The purpose of the AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award is to recognize the most outstanding student chapter for their participation in, and contribution to, the American Institute of Professional Geologists.

2019 Recipient of the Student Chapter Award

Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan - AIPG Student Chapter Founded 2003. Chapter Sponsor: David J. Matty, Faculty Sponsor: Sven Morgan, Student Chapter Officers: Chelsea Thibodeau, SA-8495 (President 2018-2019), Lindsey Stone, SA-8462 (Vice-President 2018-2019), Chelsea DeBoutte, SA-7532 (Secretary 2018-2019), Jayson Olivera, SA-7532 (Treasurer 2018-2019)

2018 Recipient of the Student Chapter Award

Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia - AIPG Student Chapter Founded 2011. Chapter Sponsor: Ron Wallace, CPG-8153 and Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Diana Ortega-Ariza, ECP-0320. Student Chapter Officers: Austin Caughey (President 2017-2019), Chance Seckinger (VP 2017-18), Brittany Plyler (VP 2018-2019), Coral Torres (Treasurer 2017-2019), Briana Jenkins-Deneke (Secretary 2017-19) and Hays Slaughter (SGE Representative 2018-19).

2017 Recipient of the Student Chapter Award

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan - AIPG Student Chapter Founded 2012. Chapter Sponsor: John H. Barkach, CPG-09121 and Faculty Sponsor: Jeffrey L. Howard. Student Chapter Officers: President - Mara Karageozian, SA-7079; Vice President - Erin D'Hondt, SA-6007; Secretary - Melissa Weaver, SA-7775; Treasurer: Makayla Myers, SA-7779; Event Coordinator: Alex Schreiber, SA-7082.

2016 Recipient of the Student Chapter Award

Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, Colorado - AIPG Student Chapter Founded 2013. Chapter Sponsor: Tom Van Arsdale, CPG-11073 and Faculty Sponsors: Drs. Uwe Kackstaetter, MEM-2437 and Barbara EchoHawk. Student Chapter Officers: President - Jessica Davey, SA-4424; Vice President - Jaclyn Coulon, SA-6934; Secretary - Benjamin Eppley, SA-8024; Treasurer - Kevins O. Magouirk, SA-5674; Support Officer - Byron Clayton, SA-6947, and Support Officer - Colin P. Lamb, SA-6965.

2015 Recipient of the Student Chapter Award

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida - AIPG Student Chapter Founded 2013. Chapter Sponsor: Anne Murray, CPG, and Faculty Sponsor: David Farris. Student Chapter Officers: President - Hannah K. Klein, SA-5156; Vice President - Chelsie N. Bowman, SA-5390; Secretary - Janine M. Giambalvo, SA-5422; Treasurer - Meg M. Wilson, SA-5391; Historian - Stephanie G. McColaugh, SA-5393; Graduate Student Liaison - Claire M. Routledge, SA-6296.

2014 Recipient of the Student Chapter Award

Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, Founded 2011, Chapter Sponsor: Ronald J. Wallace, CPG-8153; Faculty Sponsor: Bill Frazier; Student Chapter Officers: Salvador Espinosa, SA-3138; Ridge Smenner, SA-5592; Jeannie Patrick, SA-3772; and Rylleigh Harstad, SA-5593.