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Past Section Leadership Award Recipients
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AIPG Section Leadership Award

The AIPG Section Leadership Award was established by the Executive Committee in 2013 to recognize one or more of our members who have demonstrated a long-term commitment and have been long-term contributors to AIPG at the section level. AIPG has many sections where one or more individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership for their section and in many instances kept the section together and moving forward.  These individuals are commonly not known at the National level or by AIPG members outside of their sections, however, their contributions have been vital to their sections and they perform this work because of their commitment to our profession and AIPG.  The award will consist of a plaque (or similar) that will be presented to the awardees at the banquet of the annual meeting of AIPG.

Based on the above criteria the Awards Committee may select multiple nominees for the award.

The AIPG Section Leadership Award is administered by the Executive Committee of AIPG.  The selection of the winning member(s) will be decided by the AIPG Awards Committee.  The deadline for submittal of nominees for the AIPG Section Leadership Award, to AIPG National Headquarters, is January 15th of each year.  The awardees will be announced in early July so they may attend the annual meeting.

Past Recipients

Dave A. Sadoff, CA, 2014; Douglas C. Peters, CO, 2014; Glen L. Faulkner, GA, 2014; Martin J. Hamper, IL-IN, 2014; Adam W. Heft, MI, 2014; Gary H. Haag, SD, 2014; Andrew B. Graham, WI, 2014

Paul A. Lindberg, AZ, 2015; Eric F. Lowe, GA, 2015; David G. Pyles, IL-IN, 2015; Sara V. Pearson, MI, 2015; Jane M. Willard, MN, 2015; Curtis J. Coe, OH, 2015; Michael D. Campbell, TX, 2015; Christine F. Lilek, WI, 2015; Stephen J. Baker, CA, 2015; Logan T. MacMillan, CO 2015

Anne M. Murray, FL, 2016; Dawn L. Prell, MI, 2016; Bruce D. Johnson, MN, 2016; Thomas F. Jenkins, OH, 2016; Thomas V. Durkin, SD 2016; Alice C. Fuerst, MO 2016

Jayne A. Englebert, WI 2017; Dawn H. Garcia, AZ, 2017; Curtis M. Hudak, MN, 2017; Ronald J. Wallace, GA, 2017; Robert A. Zierenberg, CA, 2017

Troy Bernier, FL, 2018; Robert P. Blauvelt, N.E., 2018; Romona Cornea, IL-IN, 2018; Michael C. Hultgren, MN, 2018; Dennis G. McGrath, N.E., 2018; Shanna A. Schmitt, MN 2018; Brent R. Smith, OH, 2018; Thomas G. Van Arsdale, CO, 2018

Jeffrey M. Groncki, IL-IN, 2019; Robert D. Campbell, CA, 2019; Keith B. Rapp, MN, 2019; Jeffrey J. Frederick, N.E., 2019

Richard Brose, AZ, 2020; James A. Jacobs, CA, 2020; L. Graham Closs, CO, 2020; William H. Hoyt, CO, 2020; Colin O. Flaherty, OH, 2020