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Geosciences Online Learning Initiative (GOLI)

The Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI) by the American Geosciences Institute, started in cooperation with the American Institute of Professional Geologists, provides a platform for on-demand, life-long learning and continuing education opportunities in the geosciences. 

GOLI live webinar events provide up to date information on technical and applied geoscience topics and are taught by a range of experts from across the geosciences. Attendees earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

GOLI on-demand online courses provide learners with the flexibility to self-pace their progress, since on-demand courses do not have a set schedule like traditional academic semester-based courses. Brought to you via the OpenedX Learning Management System (LMS), learners are able to browse course descriptions, enroll in specific courses, access content, and complete any course completely free of charge. All learners who complete online courses offered through the GOLI platform with a passing grade of 70% or higher are eligible to purchase Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for a nominal charge.

Sample courses: Click here for a full course listing

Reasons why we are excited about GOLI:

  • It provides an opportunity for AIPG Members to showcase their life work, expertise, and the ways in which they have contributed to the geoscience profession.
  • It offers AIPG Members free, unlimited access to educational content that contributes to their life-long learning and professional development throughout their careers.
  • It provides a platform for AIPG Members to engage with the broader geoscience community through interactive webinar events and through discussion forums within the on-demand courses.
  • It is a resource tailored towards students and professionals who seek to compliment and expand on their existing knowledge to be more competitive in an increasingly complex profession. 

Sample On-Demand Courses by AIPG Members

Well Re-Development in New England - CEUs: 0.5 | Course Instructors: Raymond Talkington, J. Theodore Morine, and Frank Getchell.

Fundamentals of Professional Ethics: Elements and Examples - CEUs: 0.10 | Course Instructor: David Abbott

The Development of Geoscience-related Ethics Codes - CEUs: 0.10 | Course Instructor: David Abbott

Converting Membrane Interface Probe Sensor Results into VOC NAPL Distribution Information -CEUs: 0.20 | Course Instructor: Roger Lamb

Techniques for Developing High Resolution LNAPL Conceptual Site Models - CEUs: 0.20 | Instructor: Robert Lamb

Best Practices in Mineral Resource Estimation & Reporting - CEUs: 0.10 | Course Instructor: Abani Samal

The Basics of Seismic Petroleum Exploration for New Hires - CEUs: 1.0 | 
Course Instructor: Robert Font

The Lower Cretaceous of Texas - CEUs: 1.0 | Course Instructor: Robert Font

Well Logs and Log Analysis for New Hires - CEUs: 1.0 | Course Instructor: Robert Font

An Introduction to Landslides and Mass Wasting - CEUs: 1.0 | Course Instructor: Robert Font

Other Courses and learning information:

Advising Strategies for Improving Employment Placement of Your Students

Understanding Natural Geologic Hazards -- What Everyone Should Know

Basic Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists (earn up to 5 CEU's)

Geotechnical Properties & Engineering Problems-TX Clay Shale (earn up to 0.6 CEU's)

Practical Petroleum Geoscience (earn up to 8 CEU's)