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Nomination Form Stewart Award
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AIPG National Award - John Stewart Early Career Professional Award

Nominations for awards can be made online (scroll down to bottom of this page), emailed to, or faxed 1-303-253-9220 by January 15th to the AIPG National Headquarters.

The AIPG awards committee reviews each application for consideration based on the comparison of the applicant's record to the description of the award.  Each application is presented and reviewed by the awards committee, discussed, and voted on by the full committee.  A majority vote is required to grant the award.  The awards committee reviews each application thoroughly.  In some years the committee decides that a particular award will not be made. If this is the case, the applicant may be re-considered the following year.  

If in any year the awards committee does not find a nominee whose contribution merits the award, it may recommend that no award be made. The awards committee submits its recommendations for each and every award to the AIPG National Executive Committee for final approval. Detailed information on why an applicant is approved or not for an award is held confidentially by the committee and only available to the AIPG National Executive Committee.


The John Stewart Memorial Early Career Professional Award was established by the Executive Committee in 2019 in posthumous honor of John Stewart, who graciously gave his time and experience to AIPG and in encouraging early career geologists in their early careers and professional growth. This award is to honor a Early Career Professional member who had demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the geologic profession and AIPG at the section and/or national level, and in particular, to mentoring and aiding in the advancement of Early Career Professional members in their early careers and within AIPG.

This award is to assure that active and ambitious Early Career Professional member geologists are honored as the future of AIPG.

To submit a complete set of documentation for a nominee, the following items should be considered in a written nomination statement:

  • How has this candidate demonstrated service to other early career geologists, the profession and/or AIPG?
  • John Stewart was especially seen as a mentor who encouraged early career geologists in their early careers and professional growth.  How has this candidate professionally grown?
  • Give a description of the contribution(s) and how the early career geologists, the profession and AIPG have benefitted. 
  • Have you verified against the list of previous winners that this candidate has not previously received this award?
  • Have you verified that the nominee is a Early Career Professional member of AIPG?

Documentation at a minimum must include a written statement from the AIPG member who nominates the candidate and the candidate’s CV. 

Examples of supporting documentation that will be helpful in assessing the qualifications of the candidate include links to websites with videos, blogs, publications, etc. of the candidate; copies of newspaper or journal articles about or written by the candidate; and testimonies from other people. Any AIPG member can nominate an Early Career Professional member, and an Early Career Professional member can also self-nominate.

Past Recipients of the John Stewart Early Career Professional Award

First recipient will be eligible in 2020.