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The Foundation of the
American Institute of Professional Geologists

The Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists has been established to: make educational grants to support individual scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in the geosciences; prepare literature with educational content about the role of geosciences as a critical component of the sciences and of the national economy and public health and safety; make grants to classroom geoscience teachers for classroom teaching aids; support development of education programs for the science and engineering community; support geoscience internships in the nation’s capital; support geological field trips for K-12; and support educational outreach programs to the public on the state and local level.

Foundation Brochure

Foundation Grant Program information and application

The Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists is a 501 (c) (3) public foundation, qualified to receive contributions in support of educational programs. Contributions and gifts-in-kind are tax-deductible.

Foundation of the AIPG Board and Trustees

(as of June 2020)

  • Barbara H. Murphy, Chairperson
  • Sam Gowan, Vice-Chairperson
  • Michael Lawless, Secretary
  • Daniel St. Germain, Treasurer
  • Steve Maslansky, Trustee-at-Large
  • Brent Huntsman, Trustee
  • Patrick Leahy, Trustee
  • Richard Powers, Trustee
  • William Siok, Trustee
  • Ron Wallace, Trustee
  • Larry Weber, Trustee
  • Helen Hickman, Trustee
  • Dennis Pennington, Trustee

Support the Foundation of the AIPG

It is that time of year. As you review your dues statement for 2021 and look at end-of-the-year donations, please take the opportunity to include a donation to the Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization so your donation is eligible for a deduction on your taxes.

The Foundation supports a variety of programs of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) that include student scholarships, student and early career professional workshops, educational programs aimed at practitioners, the public, and policy makers and, on occasion, some special needs requested by AIPG. The Foundation is engaged in primarily educational and scholarship programs. The Foundation may also support public information forums, public education meetings, teacher seminars, and geological seminars for other professionals such as engineers, architects, planners and others; thus coordinating the expertise of several professions for a better understanding of the geosciences and global issues. The Foundation is proud to be able to serve AIPG and the geosciences by providing financial support for these programs.

We ask that you support the Foundation with monetary contributions that would be used primarily to fund our scholarship and early career professional initiatives, and other Foundation programs as well. The Foundation relies on the support of generous individual and corporate or group donors for financial contributions or gifts in kind. You may donate on-line or send your donation check by mail to:

 Foundation of the AIPG
1333 W. 120th Ave., Suite 211
Westminster, CO 80234-2710

If you have any questions or comments about the Foundation, please contact me for additional information.

Thank you for your support of the Foundation so the Foundation may support AIPG and the geosciences. Your continued interest and support is greatly appreciated.

Barbara Murphy, CPG
Chairperson, Foundation of the AIPG
480-659-7131 office phone

Foundation of the AIPG - Early Career Professional Pilot Program

We are facing a potential scarcity of professional geologists in the near future due to the aging of our workforce. This is a product of the surge from the “babyboom” generation that is approaching retirement.  AIPG has often discussed this pending human resource shortage and now wants to take steps to attract and keep youngsters in the profession.  One such step is to create a Early Career Professional Program.  The concept of the ECPP is to bring together early career geoscience professionals in various regions of the country for social interaction, training, and networking among themselves and with companies and organizations that employ geologists. The concept is to provide a program that is fun, easy to get to, of short duration, very economical, and beneficial to the early career geoscientist and employers alike. The Foundation of the AIPG plans to financially support an Early Career Professionals Pilot Program (ECPP) that AIPG will design and operate. This ECPP will most likely be in the Denver area.  If the pilot shows promise, it can be refined and operated in other locations in the country.  Please support the Foundation, AIPG and society with your financial contribution toward this noble effort. 

Student Scholarships

Student scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate) are made possible by the support of the Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists and the AIPG members’ voluntary contributions. 

In 2020, the Foundation of AIPG funded six $1,000 undergraduate scholarships and two $1,000 graduate scholarships.

In 2019, the Foundation of AIPG funded three $1,000 undergraduate scholarships and two $1,000 graduate scholarships.

In 2018, the Foundation of AIPG funded six $1,000 undergraduate scholarships and two $1,000 graduate scholarships.

In 2017, the Foundation of AIPG funded six $1,000 undergraduate scholarships and two $1,000 graduate scholarships.

Build the Future of Geology Today!

Support the Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists  -  Donate Online

Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists in Appreciation of the Generous Supporters in 2019 

The Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists is appreciative of the many donations received during 2019, including monetary donations, donated gifts-in-kind for the silent auction, and funds collected from bid winners at the silent auction at the AIPG annual meeting in Burlington, Vermont. The silent auction generated interest in the Foundation and resulted in about $3600 in funds to the Foundation. We are very thankful for these contributions and the interest in the Foundation. The Foundation is proud to be able to serve AIPG and the geosciences by providing financial support for scholarship programs, student workshops, and other endeavors in support of AIPG and the geosciences. Be sure to check the web site for additional information about the Foundation.

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

We thank all our donors for their generous support of the Foundation. All contributions, no matter the amount, are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Barbara Murphy, CPG
Chairperson, Foundation of the AIPG

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their generosity:

Individual Donors Theodore E. BedellMary Loose DeVineyDonalds M. Hoskins
Foundation General Fund:Lamont BeersWilliam DixonWilliam H. Hoyt
Katherine BeinkafnerCarol F. DoeRobert Hunt
$1000 - $2500 levelMichael A. BelowichPeter H. DohmsDaniel Hussey
Charles Wm. DimmickKathleen M. BenedettoJohn E. DreierJan Peter Ilves
Michael D. LawlessAndrew T. BenoitHugh W. DresserMichael J. Ingersoll
Steven P. MaslanskyBrian P. BergeronGary P. EdmondoWayne Isphording
Barbara H. MurphyWilliam C. BerridgeTrevor R. EllisFrank H. Jacobeen
Orus F. PattersonMichael G. BerschScott M. ErdmannTimothy D. Jefferson
Richard M. PowersJames G. BillingsChristopher ErskineJeffrey A. Johnson
Keith R. BlairThomas E. EwingRobert Johnson
$500 - $999 levelJohn BonsangugeDaniel T. EydeDuane Jorgensen
Pat LeahyNeil E. BottsMark FaasLudvig Kapllani
Scott C. BourcyCharles Benjamin FarnhamThomas T. Kettinger
$100 - $499 levelDonald A. BriceGlen L. FaulknerRobert W. King
Richard C. BensonGarnet BrockMark A. FedikowGeorge F. Klemmick
Thomas K. BundtzenPaul F. BrownWilliam C. FeyerabendPamela Klessig
Kerry J. CampbellThomas L. BrownJohn Berton FisherThomas S. Kraus
Mark E. EmersonWalter P. BuckthalMichael R. FisherChristopher M. Kravits
Robert R. JordanScott F. BurnsGregory S. FooteMax Krey
Fleetwood Raymond KoutzJerry BushTomlinson FortChristopher W. Krumm
Christopher L. MabbettCharles W. CampbellRobert FreasMichael J. Kunz
David McBrideRobert D. CampbellSteven D. FundingslandNancy B. Lamm
Virginia T. McLemoreRobert B. CarrBruce W. FurstEdgar L. Langrand
John F. Prochnau Francisco M. CarranzaLucus Earl GambleThomas V. Larison
Debra StruhsackerMark W. CarterBrian GanoeRoger William Lee
Robert TraylorKeros CartwrightRoy GarmanMary L. Lester
Nancy J. WolversonMartin M. CassidyO. GattenWalter T. Levendosky
Stephen E. CatalfamoJames A. GibbsRobert G. Lindblom
$10 - $99 levelC. Victor ChevillonMaria Cecilia GiudiciJames Linderholm
Daniel AdamsPaul ChristensenJulius GlicksteinJohn P. Lockwood
Todd J. AebieRichard F. ClementJames L. GoodingAubrey Lamar Long
Dominic K. Ahiapur-AltarsCatherine Anne ClerfDean GraftonEric F. Lowe
Mohamed K. AhmedDavid C. ClineDavid GrossEdwin P. Lyon
Mehmet Ali AkbabaRobert H. CollinsCharles E. HaefnerAlexander Paul Macbeth
Edward AllshouseMichael P. ConveryEugene HamptonJames C. Marek
Robert W. AndersonWilliam W. CoochPhilip HamptonRonald L. Martin
Lawrence O. AnnaRichard E. CopelandGerald E. HarringtonRemo A. Masiello
Saul AshRamona CorneaAnn G. HarrisChristopher Mathewson
Mustafa AtalayJon CourtneyRoger A. HaskinsJohn N. Mathis
Javed AzamPeter S. CoxJerry L. HaugStephen Maynard
Christopher J. BablinCurt A. CramerJohn W. HawleyCurtis Mayo
Phillip Joseph BackersDaniel L. CravensScott G. HeapeWinfield McAtee
William D. BackusAlan CrumbakerChristopher C. HigginsMichael J. McEachern
Stephen J. BakerBurt L. CulpDavid M. HiteE. D. McKay III
Patrick BarnesCharles C. DanielWilliam J. HlavinJames McNeal
James R. BauderBruce K. DarlingJefferson P. HofferSally J. Meader-Roberts
Gerald W. BaughmanJeremy M. DavisMichael HogePaul A. Metz
Kenton L. BealRaul DejuPaul W. HohbachGary D. Meyer
Laurance A. BeckJames DerbyGustav HolmJames T. Mickam


Alfred E. MoffitEdward Frank RutledgeMichael B. WardWilliam Siok
Joe MoffittJoseph A. SantovasiJoel B. WarnerEric Struhsacker
Joachim MohnGlenn P. SchifferdeckerRobert C. WarthenRaymond Talkington 
StephanieAnne MontgomeryEric R. SchlauchJeffrey B. WatsonJulia Zydek
Timothy J. MootMark F. SchmidtValerie E. Webb
John L. MoranErik SchotLawrence C. WeberGifts-in-Kind Donors 
J. Theodore MorinePeter SchreuderSteven I. WeissSilent Auction:
Patricia MorrisRaymond L. SchreursAndrew W. WestStephen Baker
Ronald L. MusserJames F. SchwendemanBill W. WhaleyTim Brown
James J. MyersStephen D. SchwochowMelissa WheatonCharles Dimmick
Mark Anthony NovokowskyAsa R. ScrantonPaul J. WieseMarvin Glotfelty
Harold J. NoyesThomas H. SelmanJohn W. WilliamsSam Gowan
John OchsJeffrey SgambatoRobert L. WilliamsAdam Heft
Erik A. OpstadWilliam ShaferWilliam E. WilsonPat Leahy
James OrofinoGreg D. ShermanBrian WolfSteve Maslansky
Ronald L. ParrattGerald ShillerLee WoodersonBill Mitchell
John PaughCharles G. ShortridgeEdmand B. WorkmanBarbara Murphy
Neil A. PearceJames D. ShotwellCara J. WrightSara Pearson
Mark PelizzaThad N. ShowsEdward R. YoppNancy Wolverson
Nathan Elias PepeGeorge SimmonsMark T. Zeko
Douglas J. PerisuttiFrederick E. SimmsSilent Auction 
Mark R. PetersonWilliam V. SkinnerIndividual Donors Winning Bid Donors:
Walter T. PhillipsMichael J. SkoposWilliam J. Siok David Abbott
Stoddard M. PickrellRussell SlaybackGraduate StudentRobert Andrews
John PoppDaniel SmithScholarship:Brandy Barnes
Charles PriceScott D. Smith$1000 - $2000 levelRobert Blauvelt
Dennis J. PriceWilliam SmylieRichard M. PowersJames Dawson
Ronald PritchettThomas S. SpaldingCharles Dimmick
Michael Grant RasmussenD. Randall Spydell$100 - $499 levelMonike Distefano
John H. RaymerConrad StephensonDavid J. DaviesMichael Edelman
John J. ReadHall H. StewartJean M. Patota Samuel Gowan
Brian ReddickThomas N. StolzRonald J. WallaceAdam Heft
Ronald ReeseGeorge StuckeyAmy Hoeksema
Eric B. RehwoldtMatthew Stump$10 - $99 levelRaphael Ketani
Craig N. ReidKen C. SummerourEmery BayleyJenny Lambert
Joanne ReillyKyle Gordon SummersDonald M. HoskinsMichael Lawless
Kevin W. ReimerJames R. SwaisgoodRobert M. NorthJ. Todd McFarland
Stephen G. ReuterDouglas SwanstonBernd W. Rehm Lisa Milles
Stephen RevellJohn TalleyAndrew W. WestPeter Murray
John A. RiceJohn F. TavolaroKeri Nutter
Cary M. RichardsonAllen C. TompkinsSara Pearson
Charles RiddleCandace A.TrimbleIndividual Donors Dennis Pennington
Herman RiekeHarley A. TuckerStudent Day Workshop Matthew Rhoades
Doug RogersEvan TwelkerAIPG Annual Meeting:Shanna Schmitt
Sigmund J. RosenfeldSam B. UpchurchJames DawsonLuanne Whitbeck
Stanley H. RosenthalWilliam C. VanderwallDawn Garcia Nancy Wolverson
Bruce C. RossMartin C. VaughanMehment Pehlivan
Robin E. RothNicholas L. VentiRichard Powers 
Paul H. RouxRobert K. WallThomas Van Arsdale 
Mark RowlandJohn J. Ward