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2020 Dues Presidents Message
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Hello fellow geologists and AIPG members!  It is that time of year again - time to renew your AIPG membership! Please visit aipg.orgSign In, and click on renew now at top of page. Your membership directly contributes to our organization’s viability and allows AIPG to promote our profession across the United States and world-wide through our partnerships with international organizations.  If a profession is to thrive, every member of the profession must be involved.

I look forward to working with headquarters staff and the 2020 Executive Committee as AIPG continues to advocate for the profession of geology.  We will continue teaming with ASBOG on the development of a new membership category that will incorporate state licensing requirements in response to recent attempts to deregulate professionals.  AIPG is in a position to directly address deregulation due to a long history of representing the entire geology profession while promoting ethical conduct and professional development.

One of the greatest benefits of AIPG is networking through interaction with geologists in academia, regulatory, mining, consulting, and a variety of other disciplines.  Students and young professionals should take advantage of this opportunity as the relationships you develop early in your career will last a lifetime.  AIPG will continue to focus on the development of students, young professionals, and professional members through on-line learning initiatives and networking events at both the national and section level.  The wealth of knowledge that professional members can convey to students and young professional members will be invaluable to their careers and can only benefit the future of AIPG.  A geological community that strives to constantly advance must include students and young professional members that understand the value of the profession and are passionate about promoting it.  AIPG has the resources to advance our profession and provide the opportunity for geologists to make a difference in this world every day. 

Go make a difference and start by renewing your membership today to help support the AIPG mission of representing the geology profession.  Renewing is the only the first step, so get involved and actively participate in the organization.  Opportunities to participate include attending section meetings, volunteering at the section level with planning a field trip, attending the annual meeting, or writing an article for submittal to the TPG. Please contact me or other executive committee members if you have ideas on how AIPG can better serve its members or topics you consider critical to the advancement of the profession.  AIPG greatly appreciates your continued support and membership.  I am excited for what 2020 has to offer and hope to continue the momentum AIPG continues to build.

J. Todd McFarland, CPG-11348
2020 AIPG President