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Past Award Recipients

Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal

The Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal is the Institute’s most distinguished award. It was established by the Executive Committee, in 1969, in posthumous honor of a truly great leader and one of the most articulate and effective advocates for the improvement of the profession of geology. The medal is awarded to individuals who have long records of distinguished and outstanding service to the profession. It is a tribute to Ben H. Parker, a person who gave much of his life to improve the quality of geology, geologists, and the services they provide. The following outstanding geologists have been awarded the Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal.

Martin Van Couvering, 1969 Ian Campbell, 1970 Allen C. Tester, 1972 James Boyd, 1973
Jerry B. Newby, 1973 Linn Hoover, 1974 R. Dana Russell, 1976 Frank B. Conselman, 1977
John T. Galey, 1978 Howard E. Rothrock, 1980 Adolf U. Honkala, 1981 Henry H. Neel, 1982
John D. Haun, 1983 Robert L. Bates, 1984 M. O. Turner, 1985 Robert J. Weimer, 1986
Ernest K. Lehmann, 1987 Michel T. Halbouty, 1988 Peter T. Flawn, 1989 Grover E. Murray, 1990
Wayne A. Pettyjohn, 1991 Robert H. Dott, Jr., 1992 Daniel N. Miller, Jr., 1993 Frank W. Harrison, Jr., 1994
Donald L. Blackstone, 1995 William L. Fisher, 1996 Marcus E. Milling, Sr., 1997 Peter R. Rose, 1998
Charles J. Mankin, 1999 Russell G. Slayback, 2000 Susan M. Landon, 2001 Larry D. Woodfork, 2002
Richard J. Proctor, 2003 Thomas G. Fails, 2004 James W. Skehan, 2005 Robert R. Jordan, 2006
Madhurendu B. Kumer, 2007 Dennis Pennington, 2008 Robert H. Fakundiny, 2009 John W. Rold, 2010
Robert G. Font, 2011 Richard M. Powers, 2012 Jonathan G. Price, 2013 William J. Siok, 2014
David M. Abbott, Jr., 2015      

Martin Van Couvering Memorial Award

The Martin Van Couvering Memorial Award was established by the Executive Committee, in 1979, in posthumous honor of the first President of the Institute. Martin Van Couvering made the presidency a full-time occupation for the first two years of the Institute’s history. His dynamic leadership, diplomacy, and organizational abilities established the solid foundation from which the Institute has grown. Few, if any, have given so much to the Institute. The following outstanding persons have been recipients of the Martin Van Couvering Memorial Award.

Larry D. Woodfork, 1979

Harold L. Fothergill, 1980 Al Saterdal, 1981 James A. Wheeler, 1981

James R. Dunn, 1982

William A. Newton, 1983 Andrew G. Alpha, 1984 Russell R. Dutcher, 1985

Edward E. (Bud) Rue, 1986

Bobby J. Timmons, 1987 Charles J. Mankin, 1988 Stanley S. Johnson, 1989

Sam R. Evans, 1990

Richard J. Proctor, 1990 Susan M. Landon, 1991 Kenneth N. Weaver, 1992

Robert A. Northcutt, 1993

Daniel N. Miller, Jr., 1994 Russell G. Slayback, 1995 William V. Knight, 1996

Robert K. Merrill, 1997

David M. Abbott, Jr., 1998 Stephen M. Testa, 1999 Robert A. Levich, 2000

Thomas G. Fails, 2001

Madhurendu B. Kumar, 2002 Kelvin J. Buchanan, 2003 Robert H. Fakundiny, 2004
Lawrence M. Austin, 2005 Richard M. Powers, 2006 Robert G. Corbett, 2007 Robert G. Font, 2008
Larry R. Rhodes, 2008 Daniel J. St. Germain, 2009  Ronald J. Wallace, 2010  Barbara H. Murphy, 2011
Mark W. Rogers, 2012 Robert A. Stewart, 2013 Lawrence C. Weber, 2014 James A. Jacobs, 2015

John T. Galey, Sr., Memorial Public Service Award

The Public Service Award was established by the Executive Committee, in 1982, in recognition of one of its primary purposes; service to the public. In 1992, it was renamed the John T. Galey, Sr., Memorial Public Service Award, in posthumous honor of our fourth President, whose long professional career was a continuum of service to both the geological and the general public. This recognition is important because so many members have distinguished themselves and the Institute by giving expert testimony to governmental units, by serving on governmental commissions and committees, and by providing geological expertise where it was needed by the public at large.

Arthur O. Spaulding, 1983

Allen F. Agnew, 1984 William L. Fisher, 1985 Frank E. Kottlowski, 1986

Cliff J. Nolte, 1987

Russell G. Wayland, 1988 Elisabeth G. Newton, 1989 Linda E. Okland, 1990

Meredith E. “Buzz” Ostrom, 1991

Robert R. Jordan, 1992 Robert H. Fakundiny, 1993 Morris W. “Brud” Leighton, 1994

Edward B. Nuhfer, 1995

John W. Rold, 1996 James E. Slosson, 1997 Kathleen M. F. Benedetto, 1998

Jonathan G. Price, 1999

James H. Williams, 2000 John J. Dragonetti, 2001 Thomas M. Berg, 2002

Vicki Cowart, 2003

Margaret H. Dunn, 2004 John G. Parrish, 2005 Richard M. Lane, 2006
Ivan K. "Tex" Gilmore, 2007 M. Lee Allison, 2008 Patrick P. Leahy, 2009  James F. Howard, 2010
2011 - No recipient James R. Burnell, 2012 Scott W. Tinker, 2013  

Award of Honorary Membership

For the first time in its history, AIPG in 1984 conferred Honorary Membership on one of its most distinguished and illustrious members. This special honor, provided for in the Institute’s Constitution and Bylaws, had long been available but had never before been granted. The most important criterion for this award is an exemplary record of distinguished service to the profession and to the Institute.

Grover E. Murray, 1984

L. L. Sloss, 1985 Ross L. Shipman, 1986 Edward C. Dapples, 1986

Doris M. Curtis, 1987

Wallace B. Howe, 1988 Robert R. Berg, 1988 Edward E. Rue, 1989

Mason L. Hill, 1990

Konrad B. Krauskopf, 1991 Sam R. Evans, 1992 Richard J. Proctor, 1992

Elisabeth G. Newton, 1993

John Shanklin, 1993 Richard A. Fox, 1994 Ralph J. Bernhagen, 1995

Robert R. Jordan, 1996

Charles J. Mankin, 1996 Adolf U. Honkala, 1997 Ernest K. Lehmann, 1997

Robert A. Northcutt, 1998

William C. Gussow, 1998 John D. Haun, 1998 William A. Newton, 1999

Larry D. Woodfork, 1999

Travis H. Hughes, 2000 William V. Knight, 2001 Michel T. Halbouty, 2002

John W. Rold, 2002

Roy J. Shlemon, 2002 Charles Wm. Dimmick, 2003 Willard P. Fuller, Jr., 2004
Rex Monahan, 2005 Richard H. Young, 2005 David M. Abbott, Jr., 2006 Myrna M. Killey, 2006
Robert H. Fakundiny, 2007 Barbara H. Murphy, 2008 Stephen M. Testa, 2009 Lawrence M. Austin, 2010
James A. Jacobs, 2011 John L. Bognar, 2012 William J. Siok, 2013 Richard L. Nielsen, 2014
Dennis Pennington, 2015      

Presidential Certificate of Merit

Each year, the President of the American Institute of Professional Geologists may award one or more certificates of merit to individuals who, through dedicated and meritorious service, have made an outstanding contribution to the Institute. The award, the Presidential Certificate of Merit, is announced and presented to the recipient at the Annual Meeting.

George H. Davis, 1982

Russell R. Dutcher, 1982 A. Gordon Everett, 1982 Joseph F. Fritz, 1982

John S. Fryberger, 1982

John B. Gustavson, 1982 Albert M. LaSala, 1982 Gary E. Melickian, 1982

Edward B. Nuhfer, 1982

Arthur O. Spaulding, 1982 Benton M. Wilmoth, 1982 Richard M. Winar, 1982

Allen F. Agnew, 1983

Donald F. Cardinal, 1983 Randell T. Chew III, 1983 L. Luke Fournier, 1983

Gene R. George, 1983

Travis H. Hughes, 1983 Gary E. Melickian, 1983 Elisabeth G. Newton, 1983

William H. Park, 1983

Ross L. Shipman, 1983 Derek B. Tatlock, 1983 Bobby J. Timmons, 1983

Russell G. Wayland, 1983

Kenneth N. Weaver, 1984 Alan M. Jacobs, 1984 Stanley S. Johnson, 1984

Bruce H. Mason, 1984

Richard P. Ortiz, 1984 D. Theodore Clark, 1985 Stanley C. Grant, 1985

Rex B. Humphrey, 1985

Robert Pendergast, 1985 William G. Murray, 1985 Serge Gonzales, 1986

Clayton H. Johnson, 1986

Allan J. Krause, 1986 Bill A. Street, 1986 James K. Vincent, 1986

Phyllis M. Garman, 1986

William J. Gilliland, 1987 Raymond E. Irwin, 1987 Stanley S. Johnson, 1987

Elisabeth G. Newton, 1987

John C. Philley, 1987 Stephen M. Testa, 1987 John H. Dayvault, 1988

R. Steven Friberg, 1988

John T. Galey, Jr., 1988 Leroy Gatlin, 1988 Gary B. Glass, 1988

Stephanie V. Hrabar, 1988

Edward B. Nuhfer, 1988 James E. O’Brien, 1988 Larry R. Rhodes, 1988
John A. Taylor, 1988

Richard H. Young, 1988

Serge Gonzales, 1989 Daniel W. Hall, 1989
Fred B. “Ted” Mullin, 1989

Robert A. Northcutt, 1989

Robert R. Jordan, 1990 Norman K. Olson, 1990
William G. Weist, Jr., 1990

Frederick M. Beck, 1991

R. Steven Friberg, 1991

Ernest K. Lehmann, 1991
Robert A. Northcutt, 1991

Gail Waggoner, 1991

Logan T. MacMillan, 1992 Russell G. Slayback, 1992
Lawrence C. Weber, 1992

Don E. Williams, 1992

Kathleen M. F. Benedetto, 1993 Thomas Z. Jones, 1993
Madhurendu B. Kumar, 1993

Edward B. Nuhfer, 1993

Peter R. Rose, 1993 David C. Scott, 1993
Larry C. Simpson, 1993

Robert H. Fakundiny, 1994

Mark A. Osten, 1994 Charles Wm. Dimmick, 1994
John L. Bognar, 1994

Steven M. Testa, 1994

Fred B. “Ted” Mullin, 1994 Wendy J. Davidson, 1994
Robert K. Merrill, 1994

William V. Knight, 1994

Robert L. DeGroot, 1995 William G. Dixon, Jr., 1995
Thomas G. Fails, 1995

Thornton L. Neathery, 1995

Dennis T. Pennington, 1995 Thomas M. Berg, 1996
Wilgus B. Creath, 1996

Thomas G. Fails, 1996

Margaret Kloska, 1996 David G. Rensink, 1996
James H. Williams, 1996

David M. Abbott, Jr., 1997

Robert N. Braunstein, 1997 Curtis J. Coe, 1997
Barbara H. Murphy, 1997

James D. Shotwell, 1997

Gary E. Van Guilder, 1997 John J. Dragonetti, 1998
Robert G. Font, 1998

Dawn H. Garcia, 1998

Gunnar Hultquist, 1998 Madhurendu B. Kumar, 1998
William J. Siok, 1998

David M. Abbott, Jr., 1999

Eugene Aleshin, 1999 Ronald E. Alexander, 1999
Kelvin J. Buchanan, 1999

L. Graham Closs, 1999

Robert M. Colpitts, Jr., 1999 Dean Feller, 1999
Travis H. Hughes, 1999

William V. Knight, 1999

Manuel Regueiro, 1999 James D. Shotwell, 1999
Myrna M. Killey, 2000

Thomas M. Berg, 2001

Thomas G. Fails, 2001 Wendy J. Davidson, 2001
James A. Jacobs, 2001

Catherine A. O’Keefe, 2001

Ronald B. St. John, 2001 John H. Talley, 2001
David M. Abbott, Jr., 2002

J. David Applegate, 2002

Thomas G. Fails, 2002 John T. Howard, 2002
Robert A. Levich, 2002

John H. Talley, 2002

John W. Hawley, 2003 Virginia T. McLemore, 2003
Babtunde A. Oyelow, 2003

John H. Talley, 2003

Lawrence C. Weber, 2003 Arthur E. Burford, 2004
Gary T. Dannemiller, 2004 Richard M. Powers,  2004 Mark W. Rogers, 2004 Myrna M. Killey, 2004
Madhurendu B. Kumar, 2005 Richard M. Powers, 2005 William J. Siok, 2005 Ronald J. Wallace, 2006
John W. Hofer, 2006 Robert A. Northcutt, 2006 AIPG Wright State University Student Chapter of the AIPG Ohio Section, 2006 Lawrence M. Austin, 2007
Nancy A. Price, 2007 James F. Howard, 2008 Adam W. Heft, 2008 Samuel Gowan, 2008
J. Matthew Justice, 2009 Ronald J. Wallace, 2009 AIPG Energy Committee, 2009:
John Berry, Doug Ganey, Don Harris,
Dennis James, David Ryckman, Lee
Smith, and Ron Wallace.
James A. Jacobs, 2010
James H. Williams, 2010 David M. Abbott, Jr., 2011 Robert A. Stewart, 2011 Lawrence C. Austin, 2012
Robert G. Font, 2012 Christine F. Lilek, 2013 Stephanie K. Jarvis, 2013 Vickie L. Hill, 2013
Dorothy K. Combs, 2014 Wendy J. Davidson, 2014 Cathy L. Duran, 2014 Vickie L. Hill, 2014
Ramona "Mona" J. Scott, 2014 Cristie J. Valero, 2014 Helen V. Hickman, 2015 Michael D. Lawless, 2015
Anne M. Murray, 2015 Keri A. Nutter, 2015 Kristina Pourtabib, 2015  

Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award was established by the 1989 Executive Committee to honor a non-member of AIPG who is widely recognized as a major contributor to the profession of geology. The award is not necessarily given annually, but only when the Awards Committee recommends an outstanding candidate to the Executive Committee for their consideration.

Stephen Jay Gould, 1989 Ron Redfern, 1995 John McPhee, 1997 Julie A. Jackson, 1999
Charles "Chip" Groat, 2003 Samuel S. Adams, 2004 Thomas W. Dibblee, Jr., 2005

A. F. "Fred" Spilhaus, Jr., 2009

Simon Winchester, 2014 Karl E. Karlstrom, 2015 Laura J. Crossey, 2015


AIPG Section Leadership Award

The AIPG Section Leadership Award was established by the Executive Committee in 2013 to recognize one or more of our members who have demonstrated a long-term commitment and have been long-term contributors to AIPG at the section level. AIPG has many sections where one or more individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership for their section and in many instances kept the section together and moving forward.  These individuals are commonly not known at the National level or by AIPG members outside of their sections, however, their contributions have been vital to their sections and they perform this work because of their commitment to our profession and AIPG.  The award will consist of a plaque (or similar) that will be presented to the awardees at the banquet of the annual meeting of AIPG.

Based on the above criteria the Awards Committee may select multiple nominees for the award.

The AIPG Section Leadership Award is administered by the Executive Committee of AIPG.  The selection of the winning member(s) will be decided by the AIPG Awards Committee.  The deadline for submittal of nominees for the AIPG Section Leadership Award, to AIPG National Headquarters, is May 31 of each year.  The nomination form for AIPG Section Leadership Award is presented below. The awardees will be announced in early July so they may attend the annual meeting.

Dave A. Sadoff, 2014 Douglas C. Peters, 2014 Glen L. Faulkner, 2014 Martin J. Hamper, 2014
Adam W. Heft, 2014 Gary H. Haag, 2014 Andrew B. Graham, 2014 Paul A. Lindberg, 2015
Eric F. Lowe, 2015 David G. Pyles, 2015 Sara V. Pearson, 2015 Jane M. Willard, 2015
Curtis J. Coe, 2015 Michael D. Campbell, 2015 Christine F. Lilek, 2015 Stephen J. Baker, 2015
Logan T. MacMillan, 2015      

AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award

The purpose of the AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award is to recognize the most outstanding student chapter for their participation in, and contribution to, the American Institute of Professional Geologists. The award will consist of a plaque to be presented to the student chapter, a certificate to each of the officers of the chapter at the time of their submittal, a $500.00 award for the chapter, and a trip for one member of the winning student chapter to the annual AIPG conference and executive meetings. The student that attends the annual meeting will observe the organization and functions of AIPG and participate in the executive board meeting.

Recipients of the AIPG Student Chapter Award

2014 - Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, Founded 2011. Chapter Sponsor: Ronald J. Wallace, CPG-8153; Faculty Sponsor: Bill Frazier; Student Chapter Officers: Salvador Espinosa, SA-3138; Ridge Smenner, SA-5592; Jeannie Patrick, SA-3772; and Rylleigh Harstad, SA-5593.

2015 - Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, Founded 2013. Chapter Sponsor: Anne Murray, CPG, and Faculty Sponsor: David Farris. Student Chapter Officers: President - Hannah K. Klein, SA-5156; Vice President - Chelsie N. Bowman, SA-5390; Secretary - Janine M. Giambalvo, SA-5422; Treasurer - Meg M. Wilson, SA-5391; Historian - Stephanie G. McColaugh, SA-5393; Graduate Student Liaison - Claire M. Routledge, SA-6296.
The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
of practicing geologists and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

AIPG represents the professional interests of all practicing geoscientists in every discipline.
It's advocacy & efforts are focused on the promotion of the role of geology and geologists in society.