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The Anonimo Militare Crono: An Exceptional Sports replica watch with Character

If you are looking for a replica watch model that designed with some unique characters, this Anonimo Militare Crono replica watches can be the just one that you are searching for. It can be regarded as one of the most exceptional mechanical chronograph replica watches out there today. It's also a wonderful example of the idiosyncratic design that has made Anonimo timepieces a real cult following.

It's neat that Anonimo has adopted a Debois-Depraz modified variant of the ETA Chronograph movement that relocates the crown to six o'clock, and the pushbuttons to the left side of the model. Not only exclusive in appearance, these aspects are rooted in function of the model. Assuming the model is worn on the left wrist, the buttons are less exposed to shocks and thumps that might occur reversely. The protected crown takes a little getting used to, however as long as you get the hang of it, you find that operating it with the thumb is really quite intuitive!

The replica watches Like all Anonimo replica watch models, the Militare Crono is characterized by the case design that has become a trademark of this brand. Proudly created one at a time, each case is engraved on a lathe, rather than stamped, as is usually crafted with the majority of cases you see in the replica watch industry. As a nice representative of the brand's famous idiosyncratic design, this exclusive replica watch model can surely become very popular.