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AIPG Section Legislation Resources

We asked the AIPG Sections for assistance in obtaining licensing legislation verbiage and these are the results:


You can find what you are looking for at http://mi.aipg.org/

Call either Kevin Lund if they have any questions.

New Hamphire

The link to the bill and the law: http://www.state.nh.us/jtboard/geo.htm

Call Dorothy Richter if you have any questions.



I have several versions, most of which incorporate language negotiated with the engineers and other interested parties. Please have members contact me - Kevin Coleman.


In Utah, there are 2 laws and 2 sets of associated regs.  The one law is an umbrella law that applies to all licensed professions addressing the items common to all, including penalties, disciplinary action, etc.  The other law is specific to geologists.  FYI, we are considering a rule change by this time next year (06/07) to address expert witness testimony, which is not specifically addressed.

The link will get you there: http://www.dopl.utah.gov/licensing/geologist_sub_page.html#geostatutes

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