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2013 AIPG California History Career as a Professional Geologist (4/16/13) Consulting 101(4/16/13) California State Science Fair

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California Section – UC Davis Student Section

At this time of year, we tend to become retrospective- how was the past year, how well did it stack up against other years, and what is in store for the future.  We also think that the future will be better than the past.  I always hope we will continue expanding our monthly meetings attendance and break past records (about 40 participants).

As a new year’s resolution, I hope you will consider joining our meetings and become more active in the AIPG California Section – UC Davis community.  We meet on a monthly basis to talk about what it means to be a professional geologist.  The speakers have been terrific.  They offer wisdom and insights into their varied and successful careers. The speakers provide the gift of honest and accurate advice, whether you are a student or seasoned professional.   The AIPG community we keep in Davis, California, is welcoming and inclusive, and we welcome you to one or all of our next meetings, described below.


James A. Jacobs, C.P.G.
California Section President

January – May 2016 Meeting and Field Trip Schedule

Meeting Details
All meetings are held at 6 pm at UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences • 2119 Earth and Physical Sciences • UC Davis • One Shields Avenue • Davis. CA 95616 • (530) 752-0350

April 6 2016; 6pm at UC Davis and May 14, 2016 Fieldtrip
Bill Motzer, another popular lecturer who is asked back year after year, will provide insights into Ring Mountain Preserve in Marin County, in Tiburon, California where classic sections of the Franciscan Formation units are accessible.  Bill’s interest includes the geochemical cycles of naturally occurring chromium.  A field trip to the Ring Mountain Preserve is planned for May 14, 2016 (Saturday) at 9 am.  Donation of $25 for AIPG professional members is encouraged.  Student members are free.

May 4, 2016; 6 pm at UC Davis
Jeff Unruh will discuss his career as a consultant on large-scale geology projects.  He is well regarded expert in structural geology, neotectonics, and seismic hazard assessment. His primary research interests include the kinematics and dynamics of continental deformation, with applications to seismic source characterization. Jeff’s current projects include: crustal structure and evolution of the northern California Coast Ranges; kinematic analysis of seismogenic deformation in southern California; transpressional tectonics of the San Andreas system in northern California; large-scale kinematics of the Sierra Nevada microplate; role of buoyancy forces in localizing and driving deformation in southern California; neotectonic evolution of the Coso geothermal field, eastern California.

SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE- Meeting sponsors will get their company name in the meeting announcements which go out to about 300 geologists.  They will have 5-10 minutes to go talk to the meeting participants about their company and interests, sponsors will have a table at the meeting to place brochures or other information, and their donation will be noted in the California Section news in the The Professional Geologist which goes out to over 7,000 geologists.  The cost to sponsor the meeting is $200, by credit card or check.  If interested - contact:  James Jacobs, California Section President; 510-590-1098; jjacobs@clearwatergroup.com; Clearwater Group, 229 Tewksbury Ave., Pt. Richmond, CA 94801.

OTHER ACTIVITIES:  Judging at the California State Science Fair: May 23-24, 2016

The California State Science Fair is the final science fair of the academic year for students throughout the State of California in grades 6 - 12, serving California's future scientists since 1952. It is hosted by the California Science Center (formerly, the California Museum of Science and Industry).
The 65th annual California State Science Fair will be held in the California Science Center on May 23-24, 2016. This year we expect nearly 1000 participants from 400 schools throughout the State to meet in competition.  The AIPG California Section gives out $500 of awards every year, and Dave Sadoff has led this judging event for more than a decade.  He has been helped by a variety of members, including Mark Rogers and Mehmet Pehlivan.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Dave at davesadoff@sbcglobal.net.

The California State Science Fair is a major event for AIPG California Section.  The exhibits are generally well thought out, and the winners are likely to become scientists.  AIPG judges the earth science category and the innovation and level of motivation of the students is always reassuring and frequently exceptional.

DONATIONS REQUESTED – Encouraging students and professional members is a high priority for the AIPG California Section.  We try to keep our meetings free to those wanting to participate.  Even our field trips have been free.  Want to contribute to the AIPG California Section to help offset the costs of activities?  We accept checks and credit cards.  If interested - contact:  James Jacobs, California Section President; 510-590-1098; jjacobs@clearwatergroup.com; Clearwater Group, 229 Tewksbury Ave., Pt. Richmond, CA 94801


The Career as a Professional Geologist – Consulting and Service with Passion

Abstract - Rob Cambell
UC Davis

In the quest for a career as a consulting geologist, obtaining a Professional Geologist (PG) license is critical to perform professional geological work. The crux of performing work as a licensed PG is having strong ethics and integrity in order to develop and foster a good reputation. Many times in the course of your careers, these issues will pivot around completing a project on time and on budget. This will likely generate conflicts between the client’s interests and the interests of the general public, and/or governing agency. PG professional opinions are used to obtain clarity in difficult projects, such as geological hazard assessments, hydrogeological assessments, and environmental assessments focused on planning and development.

From the moment I graduated from UCD in 1989 to finding my first geology job, to career fumbles to highlights will be discussed. From this discussion, past consulting examples of poor ethics and poor integrity will be discussed and evaluated to garner alternative solutions for the problems initially rendered. Definition of standard of care practices for PGs will also be discussed. Consulting geologists current and future work opportunities, and lines of specialties for geoscience careers will be explored.

For more information see The Career as a Professional Geologist – Consulting and Service with Passion

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Geologist Licensing

California (Practice/Specialties) - (916) 263-2113
CA Board for Geologists and Geophysicists
E-mail: geology@dca.ca.gov

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California Council of Geoscience Organizations (CCGO)

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California Section Officers

James A. Jacobs, CPG; Work: (415) 381-5195, Cell: 510-590-1098. Fax: (415) 381-5816; jjacobs@clearwatergroup.com

Vice President - Northern California
Dave A. Sadoff, CPG, Work: (415) 836-7261, Fax: (415) 836-3167; davesadoff@sbcglobal.net

Vice President - Southern California
Mark Rogers, CPG; Phone: (949) 387-4466; markwrogers@hotmail.com 

Karel L. Detterman, Work: (510) 638-8400 x127, Fax: (510) 638-8404; kmdetterman@sbcglobal.net

Mehmet Pehlivan, CPG; Direct: 714-782-7497; Cell: 714-719-6854; mp@baysgrp.com

Stephen Testa, CPG; Work: 209-754-1422; stesta@goldrush.com

Steve Baker, Work: 530-478-1260; stevebaker@operationunite.co

AIPG UC Davis Student Section:
Rob Zierenberg, Professor Advisor, UC Davis; razierenberg@ucdavis.edu
Nick Pinter, Professor Advisor UC Davis; npinter@ucdavis.edu

UC Davis Student Officers
Christopher Holt, Student President; cdholt@ucdavis.edu
Michaela Gnos, Vice President
Vicky Manthos, Treasurer
Mark Markowicz, Events Coordinator
Taylor Davis, Fundraising Officer 

Student Mentors
Steve Baker, Student Mentor
Rob Campbell, Student Mentor
Rob Sydnor, Student Mentor
James A. Jacobs, Sponsor

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The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
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