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AIPG Benefits

AIPG Member Benefits

  1. Active Sections/Chapters

  2. Academic Liaison

  3. Affiliation with AGI

  4. Annual Convention

  5. Quarterly Journal

  6. E-Newsletter

  7. Ethics in Practice

  8. Financial Planning/Investment Management

  9. Free Resume Posting

  10. GeoCare: Term Life, Disability Income, Dental, Cancer Expense, and Supplemental Plans

  11. Insignia

  12. International Recognition of CPG

  13. Job Listings

  14. Liability Insurance

  15. Liaison with State Agencies

  16. Liberty Mutual Insurance

  17. Life and Supplemental Insurance

  18. Lobby

  19. National Advocacy

  20. National Awards

  21. National Conference of
    State Legislatures Educational Exhibit

  22. National Website

  23. Networking - Linked In and Facebook

  24. Ombudsmanship for Geologists

  25. Online Courses

  26. Online Directory - Members only

  27. Online Registration

  28. Online Store

  29. Online Voting

  30. Professional Certification

  31. Professional Development

  32. Public Outreach

  33. Reciprocity Agreements

  34. Referrals

  35. Rental Car Discounts

  36. Section/Chapter Websites

  37. Student Scholarships

  38. Student Chapters

  39. Technical Conferences

  40. UPS - AIPG Members can save up to 28% on shipping
    UPS is pleased to help members save time and money through special services and shipping discounts. We put the power of logistics to work for you every day by providing speed, outstanding reliability and technology tools so you can focus on your business - not your shipping.

AIPG Services Provided to Sections

  1. Website Support - The AIPG National Headquarters office will setup and maintain a simplified web page for any section that requests it. Information that is to be included on these sites must be e-mailed.

  2. AIPG Section labels - can be e-mailed free or mailed for a minimal charge.

  3. Free AIPG Publications - online in pdf format.

  4. Discounts on AIPG Insignia items

  5. AIPG Booth -  available to Sections (Sections pay for shipping).

  6. AIPG Business Card template (Adobe pdf format)

  7. AIPG Slide Show Presentations

  8. AIPG Geology Brochure (pdf format)

  9. AIPG Brochure (pdf format)

  10. AIPG Scholarship Brochure in pdf format

  11. AIPG Scholarship Flyer in pdf format

  12. AIPG Section Officers

  13. AIPG Section Website Links

  14. AIPG Fact Sheets (pdf format)

  15. Web Sources for Geological Education Activities and Lesson Plans. Have you been asked to give a presentation to a local school, scout group, or other community group? Need some ideas on what to say?

  16. AIPG Professional Membership Application

  17. AIPG Young Professional Membership Application

  18. AIPG Benefits Information Card

  19. AIPG Student Signup Card

  20. AIPG Insurance Programs

  21. AIPG Application Forms

  22. Sponsor a Student form in pdf format

  23. AIPG Student Chapters Manual (pdf) or in Word format

  24. AIPG Membership Database - information available via e-mail for sections to produce section directories or for other AIPG business.

  25. AIPG General Information (History, Why Become a Member, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Policies, Procedures, State Geology Boards, Specialty Codes, Executive Committee, National Committees, Past Executive Committees, EFG, and more.

The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
of practicing geologists and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

AIPG represents the professional interests of all practicing geoscientists in every discipline.
It's advocacy and efforts are focused on the promotion of the role of geology and geologists in society.