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AIPG National Annual Convention Meeting Policy

(policy in pdf format)

AIPG Bylaws (ARTICLE 3) stipulates that an annual meeting will be held to conduct the business of the Institute. The planning, organization, and conduct of the meeting shall focus on the business of the Institute, field trips, technical presentations, and social events.  The Annual Meeting will be under the organizational and financial authority of AIPG headquarters.

The AIPG Annual Meeting is also intended to be a venue for attracting non-AIPG colleagues to collaborate in seminars and field trips, for an opportunity to create income for AIPG and to increase visibility of AIPG on the section and national levels.

AIPG's Annual Meeting must place high priority on providing the time and space for the Executive Committee and Advisory Boards to perform their duties and for a continuing education program of interest and value to all. Significant efforts must be made to encourage student participation in the Annual Meeting Program.

The objective of the Institute’s Annual Meetings are to:

  1. Conduct the official Annual Business Meeting of the Membership.
  2. Generate revenue to support the AIPG mission.
  3. Provide an opportunity to reach out to non-members, especially colleagues in sister societies, universities, industry, and government.
  4. Provide a forum for the incoming/outgoing Advisory Boards, Standing Committees, Task Forces, and Ad hoc Committees, etc., and to advise and aid the Executive Committee in its decisions.
  5. Provide programs for continuing education by means of speakers, workshops, symposia, and courses.
  6. Provide for the opportunity to recognize members for their services to the Institute and/or profession.
  7. Provide a forum for members to interact and exchange ideas.
  8. Provide opportunities for field trips, technical presentations, and social events for all attendees.
  9. Present National Awards.

AIPG National Headquarters:

  1. Has exclusive authority for all financial decisions and commitments including all contracts.
  2. Will set the actual dates and venue for the Annual Meeting, but in consultation with the host section. 
  3. Will negotiate all hotel contracts.
  4. Will provide programs and meeting registration packets.
  5. Will manage all aspects of registration including all financial transactions.
  6. Will organize and conduct a formal marketing program to procure financial sponsorships for each event and for the overall meeting.
  7. Will create a specific meeting website.
  8. Will develop advertising, sponsorship forms, exhibitor forms, and registration forms for the meeting.
  9. Will send out call for abstracts and maintain abstract submittals. Notify authors of technical review committees accept/reject decisions.
  10. Will organize the program within the hotel.
  11. Will develop all meeting lists and badges.
  12. Will arrange for all transportation as it relates to field trips and social events including negotiating contracts and paying deposits.
  13. Will manage on-site registration including the distribution of badges, registration packets, and processing of on-site payments.
  14. Will organize all AIPG business meetings and awards ceremonies.
  15. Will have final authority on all decisions.

The Host Section will:

  1. Create a list of possible field trips and field trip leaders for showcasing the geology in their area.
  2. Create a list of possible guest field trips and field trip leaders.
  3. Suggest possible social events.
  4. Work with National AIPG on creating a theme for the meeting including technical session topics for the Call for Abstracts.
  5. Assist in identifying volunteers to serve on the Technical Session Committee which includes reviewing submitted abstracts, the program and proceedings.
  6. Work with National on creating short courses and volunteers to instruct the short courses (AIPG can issue CEU’s).
  7. Have the Section President serve on the national steering committee or have the Section President appoint a section member to serve on the committee.  This person will have the authority to make commitments on behalf of the host section and to implement steering committee decisions on the section level. In addition to this person, identify 5-7 volunteers to assist national with various small tasks.
  8. Promote the meeting on the section level and to the geologic community at large.
  9. Assist National in identifying and procuring sponsors and exhibitors.
  10. Work with AIPG National to identify a state level/regional level listing of societies or associations whose members will be invited to participate.
  11. Work cooperatively with AIPG National and take no actions independent of National.
  12. Receive a percentage of the profits due to AIPG after all expenses and revenue sharing with other partners according to this formula:

    -Section receives $500 for AIPG profit share between $5,000 to $10,000.
    -Section receives $1,000 for AIPG profit share between $10,001 to $15,000.
    -Section receives $1,500 for AIPG profit share between $15,001 to $20,000.
    -Section receives $2,000 for AIPG profit share between $20,001 to $25,000.
    -Section receives $2,500 for AIPG profit share between $25,001 to $30,000.
    -Section receives $3,000 for AIPG profit share between $30,001 to $35,000.
    -Section receives $3,500 for AIPG profit share between $35,001 to $40,000.
    -Section receives $4,000 for AIPG profit share between $40,001 to $45,000.
    -Section receives $4,500 for AIPG profit share between $45,001 to $50,000.

AIPG Field Trip Leaders will:

  1. Provide HQ with a brief description and pictures of the trip to be included in TPG and on the AIPG website (advertising piece) by March 1st of the meeting year.
  2. Identify any special equipment that attendees will need or be required to bring and any special information the attendees will need (i.e. the trip will be strenuous, 1 mile hike etc.).
  3. Provide a field trip guidebook within three weeks of the trip for copies to be made at AIPG National.  Any additional charges for field trip guidebooks, etc. copied or made someplace other than National will be taken out of the section profits.
  4. Provide a detailed trip route for the transportation company, including directions and stops within three weeks of the trip.
  5. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the field trip departure time in order to group participants together.
  6. Take roll call on the bus.
  7. Not have to pay for any portion of the trip, including transportation, lunch, snacks, water, park entrance fees or daily registration.  However, field trip leaders planning on attending the entire conference will have to pay registration fees and hotel room charges unless the field trip is overnight, in which case, they will not pay hotel room charges during the trip.
  8. Not be paid Honorariums.
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