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The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), founded in 1963, is the largest association dedicated to promoting geology as a profession. It presently has more than 7,800 members in the U.S. and abroad, organized into 36 regional Sections. The Institute adheres to the principles of professional responsibility and public service and is the only international organization that certifies the competence and ethical conduct of geological scientists in all branches of the science with members employed in industry, government, and academia. AIPG emphasizes competence, integrity and ethics. AIPG is an advocate for the profession and communicates regularly to federal and state legislators and agencies on matters pertaining to the geosciences.

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AIPG Members - 2016 Membership Dues

2016 Membership Dues are available to pay online. Annual membership dues are due and payable January 1, 2016 in accordance with the Bylaws. You are encouraged to login to the AIPG Member portion of the website to pay your dues for 2016.  Paying online helps save on printing and postage costs. Call if you have any questions (303) 412-6205.

Click on MEMBER LOGIN to pay dues, make a donation, and purchase insignia items. Your login is your email and the system has you setup your password if you haven't already. You must login to pay dues, search the directory, or make changes to your record.  

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AIPG Online Courses

Online Course - Introduction to Well Log Analysis for New Hires (earn up to 1 CEU)

Online Course - An Introduction to Landslides or Mass Wasting (earn up to 3.5 CEU's)

Online Course - Basic Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists (earn up to 5 CEU's)

Online Course - Basics of Seismic Petroleum Exploration for New Hires (earn up to 1.0 CEU)

Online Course - Critical and Strategic Minerals: Concepts and Status (earn 0.1 CEU's)

Online Course - Geotechnical Properties & Engineering Problems-TX Clay Shale (earn up to 0.6 CEU's)

Online Course - Global Energy Resources: Current Trends and Short Term Predictions (earn 0.1 CEU's)

Online Course - Practical Petroleum Geoscience (earn up to 8 CEU's)

Online Course - The Geology of Texas-The Basal Cretaceous (earn 1 CEU)

AIPG Section Newsletters

The AIPG California Section Newsletter - December 2015 is available online.

The AIPG Texas Section Newsletter - November 2015 is available online.

The AIPG Ohio Section Newsletter - October 2015 is available online.

The AIPG Colorado Section Newsletter - Fall 2015 is available online.

The AIPG Georgia Section Newsletter - November 2015 is available online.

The AIPG Michigan Section Newsletter - October 2015 is available online.

Request for Award Nominations

Nominations for awards, accompanied by a supporting statement should be sent via mail (AIPG, 12000 Washington Street, Thornton, Colorado 80241-3134), fax (303-253-9220), or e-mail by January 15th to the AIPG National Headquarters. National awards include the Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal, the Martin Van Couvering Memorial Award, the John T. Galey, Sr. Memorial Public Service Award, Honorary Membership, and the Outstanding Achievement Award. (Click on award to go to the awards description.) Click here for AIPG National Awards Nomination Form in pdf.

AIPG Student Scholarship Applications Due - February 15th

AIPG Student Scholarship applications for undergraduate and graduate are due February 15, 2016.

New Members and Applicants Listing

The new members and applicants listing is available for the period of August 14 - October 9, 2015.

AIPG 2015 Alaska National Conference Photos

Everyone had a wonderful time at the AIPG 2015 Alaska National Conference and we have photos for everyone to view. Enjoy! Click here to view photos.

AIPG New England Aquifers: Elusive and Complex
Earn 4 Contact Hours or .4 CEU’s
Earn 2 LSP Technical Credits
4 NH Water Works Operator TCHs

This is a half-day workshop was developed to provide water utility personnel, engineers, hydrogeologists, regulatory officials, and other interested persons in understanding about the sand and gravel and bedrock aquifers their wells are located in and how and why well performance declines over time along with options that are available to rehabilitate your well. The workshop begins with an introduction of the geology and aquifers of New England. From plate tectonics to glacial geology along the effects of weathering that have created the majority of high-yield aquifers located throughout New England. A quick trip through well types, water well terminology, groundwater flow into well screens, and a discussion of specific capacity as it applies to sand and gravel and bedrock aquifers. Specific capacity is easy to calculate and use as a measure of the performance of your well, but something that is often overlooked. Moving forward, there is a segment on declining well performance including a discussion of the chemical, physical, and microbiological factors that are the cause for drop in performance in wells. Improving the performance of your well will be discussed by examining physical and chemical methods to rehabilitate your well and improve specific capacity. Understanding the permitting considerations along with the costs of well rehabilitation services will be discussed. The final segment of the workshop will be case studies on well rehabilitation. This will tie together all of the other segments of the workshop. For more details click here.

AIPG Journal - The Professional Geologist (TPG)

The AIPG quarterly journal, The Professional Geologist, Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 - new digital version or pdf (pdf) - includes AIPG Annual Meeting Photos; AGI/AIPG Summer Interns become ‘Policy Wonks’; Low-Energy Alternatives for Removing Contaminant; Plumes in Groundwater; General Stratigraphy of the Usibelli Coal Mine, Healy, Alaska; The Central Alaska-Nenana Coal Province; Connections and Networking in Unusual Places: Awareness of Sewer Air and Vapor intrusion; A Unique Metal with a History in Colorado; plus much more! - now available online. All back issues of TPG are available online.

AIPG Executive Director Position Announcement

The American Institute of Professional Geologists is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director. The position is to be filled as soon as a qualified candidate is vetted. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Click here for details.  

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The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
of practicing geologists and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

AIPG represents the professional interests of all practicing geoscientists in every discipline.
Its advocacy and efforts are focused on the promotion of the role of geology and geologists in society.